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Class XI, ENGLISH, Character, "Beauchamp"


Beauchamp is a very good friend of Albert’s. It is he who discovers the man, who brought disgraces on Albert’s father, the Count of Morcerf. He being an editor of a daily newspaper in Paris, is able to discover Albert’s father’s enemy. In fact the news of Morcerf’s disgrace is published in his newspaper.

As A Sincere Man

Beauchamp’s greatest quality is his sincerity to his friend. Albert greatly depended on him. That is why, he asks Beauchamp to discover the anonymous writer’s name. We learn later in the play that Beauchamp succeeds in discovering the name of the man who brings disgrace to Morcerf.

A Sensible Man

He is a very sensible man. Finding his friend, Albert, very disturbed on account of his father’s disgrace he does not disclose his father’s enemy’s name (Monte Cristo), at once. He mentally prepares Albert by telling him that the name would surprise him, that he would not believe that it could be his friend, Count of Monte Cristo.

A Cool Headed Man

Beauchamp is a cool headed man. He does not flare up or lose his head like Albert who loses his cool, when he learns that, it is his own dear friend, Monte Cristo, who is the cause of his family’s disgrace and dishonour. So in a fit of rage, he challenges him to fight a duel. He thought that this was the only way, he could wash away the blot on his honour.

As A Second Albert

Albert points Beauchamp as his second, in the duel to be fought. Albert has so much faith and reliance on him, that he made Beauchamp to make all the necessary arrangements for the duel. Tries To Dissuade Albert Beauchamp tries to dissuade Albert from fighting the duel. In his surprise, he says:
He stands by Albert, to the very last When the duel is averted, it is he, who breaks the news of his safety, to the Countess and Count of Morcerf. He is a real devoted friend – one on whom a fried could relay and depend.

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